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Motores SCX-Explicação Sobre a sua Nomenclatura

Some info about SCX motors:

Motor "numbers":
I'll use the RX-41 and RX-41B for this example.
The first number, the "4" in this case is the armature length and also refers to where the pinion is mounted. So a motor with a "4" is a 50mm shaft with a 9-tooth pinion mounted on the rear of the armature.

The next number, the "1" in this case refers to whether the motor is meant to be used with a motor pod or not.

1. The "1" means a motor made for use with NO motor pod.
2. The "2" means it IS meant to be used with a car with a motor pod.
3. A motor with no numeral means it's for use with a "wire" application like the Pro motors. So the RX-4H is only for use with wires and won't work with the standard "wireless" power system like is used in most all SCX standard cars.

For the RX-62C, the "6" armature shaft is 52.5mm long and is mounted with a 9-tooth pinion at the rear. The "2" refers to a motor pod application and a rated speed (because of the "C" designation) of about 19,000 rpm.

Another example, the RX-81 is a 4x4 motor. The "8" refers to a 73mm shaft (very long) with a 9 tooth at each end.

Motor "letters":
Motors with no number or an "A" at the end are rated at 16,400 rpm. (Like the RX-41, RX-42, RX-62 etc.)
Motors with a "B" are rated at 18,000 rpm. (Like the RX-42B)
Motors with a "C" are rated at 19,000 rpm. (Like the RX-62C)
Motors with a "D" are rated at 19,000 rpm. (Including the Pro Turbo Plus, and RX-81D which is also called the Pro Turbo 4x4).
Motors with an "E" are rated at 22,000 rpm.
I don't have details for the "F" motors.
Motors with a "G" are rated at 21,000 rpm. (Including the RX-81G)

According to SCX specs the RX91 armature length is 71.3mm, the RX81 armature length is 73mm.

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